Diyas, Dilemma, Education?

Diwali is celebrated because it is believed that on this day Lord Ram returned to his home after 14 years of exile, after defeating Raavan. Diwali means a lot of things to lots of people, for some it is a holiday, for some it is a business opportunity, for some it is the best time of their year, but for every Indian for some reason or the other Diwali means hope- Hope for a better tomorrow. Light which takes away the existence of darkness, hope which breaks apart our insecurities and fears.

This year has been a very difficult one for every section of our society for one reason or another, but everyone has experienced the wrath of 2020. Some on a psychological level, some economic and most unfortunate ones with their health crisis.

Students have been no stranger to this crisis, this year was as stressful for them as uncertainty is for every young budding brain. With immense energy bursting inside of them, they like everyone else were under house arrest, some of them too young to understand the reason. Therefore, this Diwali, just as this festival’s theme, let them carry a new hope, new light as they embark on the journey of their future.

This year when the outside world was beyond human reach, with all institutions locked away, where the growth of a child was hampered by an element beyond anyone’s control, as darkness was making its way through and growings its roots, the virtual world or online education uprooted that lightlessness from child’s life, with focus on every child’s growth, it presented even better learning universe to the child.

This Diwali let’s celebrate in praise of that hope that never dies, that human mind that doesn’t give out excuses but solutions to every brewing problem, this Diwali let’s kill all the dark pessimistic voices inside us and embark on the journey of a new and better version of ourself.

With the whole country shut down, the economy in ruins, mental health in ruins, this was a tough year for the whole world, but we, as a developing nation, had and are still having a pretty difficult time. But, Diwali is celebrated because Lord Ram survived his exile and turned out victorious over evil. As people of this country are again trying to get back on their feet, trying to survive this symbolic exile, trying to kill the evil of anxiety, self-doubt, depression and emerge out victorious at the end of it all. With every lamp we light this Diwali let’s search for new answers and opportunities as a nation together.

If the world outside our gates is no safer to walk on, let’s walk on the gates of this endless virtual world, a virtual world full of new opportunities, new and better ways, maybe same thing what we did earlier but this time looking at it with our freshly lit lamps.

As we are just a few days away from this auspicious occasion, let’s forget our exile and the demons behind us and embark on this journey, journey on even a better-paved road than before, roads with better destinations than before. To show in the face of darkness that we shine brighter than before.



Really inspired to transform the way we learn and the way we teach!

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Really inspired to transform the way we learn and the way we teach!