Healthy and Happy!

Discipline is not a quality but a necessity, in every walk of life it acts as a guiding torch, a priority table and even an alarm clock. Being disciplined is usually associated with being boring especially during one’s school years, but being disciplined is usually a lot more fun, by being disciplined you get to be a master of your own time, by being a master of your time you can be productive and be idle in higher proportions.

Discipline is not some military training or workout routine nor a one-day action it is an act of being active at the purpose you are required for.

It is the easiest habit and the most productive one you can have.

Limit your screen time, use your screen time for your purpose don’t let it use you. There is an infinite amount of knowledge flowing online, with online classes on about almost every subject you want to study, be it academic or be it an art form. Unnecessary screen time could hamper one’s productivity, creativity and mental health. It consumes your data and your brain cells.

Avoid using social applications more than necessary. Especially before going to sleep and while having food avoid using these applications.

Imagine you are in a really good mood and you are thinking about something that makes you passionate and happy then you open one of these applications and as you open it you see something grotesque and disturbing, now you have totally forgotten about the thing that made you happy and are thinking about this thing you saw and now you are far away from what your body feels as you have induced unnecessary negativity in your brain. This is a great time for every curious being out there with so many ways to gather knowledge, use it to your benefit.

Read and question more, read every good source of knowledge you can have, an author researches, writes, spends endless hours, and you get all that wisdom in a decorative piece and one should absorb it with an open mind.

Before watching any video over a topic you are curious about one should always read about it from an authentic source, but it’s really important that the source should be authentic. Read more good fiction stories, a whole new world of fantasies and mysteries is waiting inside every well-written fiction book. Read it and imagine it, imagine it with your own authentic imagination. Question whatever pops into your head, no matter how silly you think it is, because it is not.

Listen more intently.

Whenever someone is talking, giving his lecture, sharing his/her experiences you should always listen intently, that person is talking about a life that you have never lived, listen and you may learn a few things. I am not saying that you should listen and follow what one is saying with blind faith, that is utterly stupid. What I meant is you should listen and take what you need, when I talk about listening, I talk about listening to everyone who is sharing something or talking to you, maybe a 5-year-old kid might teach you how to be happy or a 50 year old might teach you how to be healthy.

Keep your body healthy, it is the only real possession you have and the most valued one. Treat it better than your most expensive watch or your phone. During these Covid times, it is difficult to keep your health in check but it is necessary. Be smart with what you consume and how much you consume, help your family in household work, try walking whenever the situation presents itself and all this comes down to a basic point ‘discipline’.



Really inspired to transform the way we learn and the way we teach!

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Really inspired to transform the way we learn and the way we teach!